Fun notelets to benefit the WRNS Benevolent Trust

Quacky Poductions by Marion Athorne

A6 thin folded cards for a short note or letter
These designs are available in aid of the Women's Royal Naval Benevolent Trust.

75p each - with envelope (p&p letter post)
Packs of 6 £4 - (p&p £0.90)

As an ex-member of the Women's Royal Naval Service, the idea of a naval duck appealed to me and could be used to create these fun notelets. An original pattern was worked out, then photographed in toy boats and digitally reworked into different background scenes.

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Book Three of Merlyn's Legacy  

Arthurss Ark by Marion Athorne and Osbert Norman Walter by Marion Athorne and Osbert Norman-Walter

Available for the Kindle

"A gripping, well written and believable story that I found hard to put down ..." - Book Reading Group, Sutton Coldfield

This last book of the trilogy details Myrddin's quest to find Arthur-come-again in the immortal realm of the faerie and confronts King Death's grip on a kingdom set at war with itself in a medieval setting of still remembered mortal ideals of chivalry and combat.

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The Glass Slipper


The Glass Slipper by Marion Athorne by Marion Athorne

Available for the Kindle

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading it" - Georgina Tuckett, Editor The Wren

A fast moving mystery and romance set on a Naval Air Station in Northern Ireland in the 1950s. When a UFO is spotted some try to deny the evidence of their own eyes but a courageous Wren risks her own career to rescue the reputation of a Naval pilot. The matter is complicated by the machinations of various authorities who are trying to cover up and avoid a possible international situation. At the same time her love life becomes a trifle confused!

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Book TWO of Merlyn's Legacy

Merlyn's Heir by Marion Athorne and Osbert Norman Walter by Marion Athorne and Osbert Norman-Walter

Available for the Kindle

"I so enjoyed Wizard’s Woe But Merlyn’s Heir has far exceeded it with unexpected incidents and revelations on every page. This story has everything; fairytale; legend; history; love; lust; good; evil; adventure; story-within-a-story. I haven’t had so much fun in ages!" - Freda Gurr, Shrewsbury

Eighteen seconds …? Minutes …? Hours …? Days …? In the timeless life of the little kingdom in Weir Forest, it comes as a shock for Ann and August to find that eighteen earthly years have passed since the writing of Wizard’s Woe, and now an unexpected prophecy gives them less than ten weeks to find a new king, and rescue the fae before Dragga is uprooted, and the forest destroyed. 

In the conflict and tension generated between Wych, Wychy and Queen Gwen over their separate approaches to resolve the problem, Myrddin finds himself in direct collision with the Queen when Merlyn’s Ring, his Mount and his Perfect Writings are discovered. Gwen, possessed by the ancient spirit of the sorceress Mergyn, claims she is Alder’s mother and that their new king must also be born of her …

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Wizard's Woe

Book One of Merlyn's Legacy

Wizard's Woe by Marion Athorne and Osbert Norman Walter

by Marion Athorne and Osbert Norman-Walter

Available for the Kindle

"A thoroughly enjoyable read with a fascinating background."

Writer and journalist August Autrey arrives in the village of Three Weirs to cover the story of the Forest of Weir. The villagers have long believed the forest to be the home of a wizard and a dangerous dragon. When August disappears leaving only his empty clothes draping the seat of a chair, many believe he has paid the price for being too curious.

His landlady's niece, Ann Singlewood, dreams that she meets the missing journalist living in the forest as a nine-inch-high elfin wizard. Two weeks later, however, August returns and spends three days typing furiously. The next morning they find him dead. He has left a long manuscript addressed to Ann

As Ann reads the manuscript she realises that the magical world she dreamed of is actually real - and that August is in love with her!  To join him there, however, she must give up everything...

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